BuzzFeed Business

When thinking about what your business is going to be, do you imagine success only comes from publishing serious information that people need to know?

Well then you have obviously never heard of BuzzFeed!

According to the New York Times, BuzzFeed’s cat videos and food quizzes bring in 150 million monthly viewers! So, don’t think you have to spend your life writing about politics to becomes a media entrepreneur.

This success does not come cheap. The business recently recieved $50 million to expand into new areas of media like an incubator for new businesses, like in this blog post, BuzzFeed motion pictures and new technology.

Something to take away from the success of this company is to never get too comfortable where you are. That keeps you flat lined, but trying new things can allow you to sky rocket.

It is also important to think about location. BuzzFeed had a big decision to make about whether to stay in the expensive city of Manhattan, or somewhere more reasonably prices.

“Buzzfeed is headquartered in New York City— besides the fact that all of its principals and its founding investors, Lerer-Hippeau, are based here,” said

This is an important lesson in staying true to yourself, but not getting stuck in a rut.


Social Media Balancing Act


Strategically planned social media can be a business’s best friend. Advertising is crucial to the success of a business, but why start with a billboard when you can spend a few minutes a day posting to social media and connecting with your audience?

This is not something that happens over night. You have to learn what form of social media your audience uses, when they check it and what will catch their eye.

What Medium-

  • Most people have a Facebook account. Unfortunately, Facebook holds a lot of power over business pages, only showing a percent of your audience your posts.

(Did you know? Zuckerberg’s 25% stake made more money than all of Walmart last year, according to this article.)

  • Instagram is a great source if you are selling something that captures people’s attention, or have a service that photographs well.

(Did you know? Instagram reached 10,000 users only hours after going live after being purchased by Facebook for $1 billion)

  • News sources tend to go over well on Twitter if you tweet frequently to grab people as they quickly scroll.

(Did you know? The idea for Twitter came about at a playground over burritos with friends, according to this article, so don’t discount your Moe’s meals with friends!)

Time management-

No matter how convenient it is for you, if you post while none of your consumers are online, you might as well be talking to the wall. Make sure to post while your target market is browsing the web. For the general work force this is early in the morning, or the evening after work. For college students, the times vary, but think lunch, afternoon breaks and night time.

Eye catching-

Posting straight text or busy pictures is the best way to ensure that someone will scroll right past you. Make sure that everything you post is unique and colorful. This is valid for any business anywhere from a maid service to a fashion blogger.

Social media is a tricky combination of math and artistry that, if done well, can exponentially grow your success.