One Year.

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On this day one year ago I said my final goodbye to my grandfather (Pa), and my heart has hurt ever since. Some days it is because I miss being able to go downstairs and talk to him. Other days it is because my heart is so full of love for the memories that I have with him that I will hold close for the rest of my life.

The hardest days are when those two emotions collide because something important is happening. This could be anything from having a big presentation in a class, or graduating from School of Style. Luckily I still have my grandma and the rest of my family to share this news with, but there is just something about not having Pa there with a story to relate to my situation. Anyone who knew him knows his love of story telling, and how he has a story for anything and everything. Luckily for us, Pa drilled all of his stories into his family members heads so we will never forget them!

My favorite Pa story is probably about his time in a public speaking class. Any time I was nervous about an upcoming speech I would go to his kitchen table just to rehear the story of his success in overcoming his fear of public speaking by studying the text book, collaborating with his classmates and simply finding the courage to stand up in front of the class. Although this may not be the most groundbreaking story, it is something I will think about for the rest of my life every time I stand in front of a crowd. He may not be able to ever tell me the story again, but it is just one of the many memories filling up my heart.

I genuinely hope that none of you feel the pain of loosing a loved one right now, but if you do, take that pain and turn it into a burning passion to do the best you can do because they know you can do it. If you ever need the motivation to just keep going, make your family and friends proud because they are rooting you on and helping you along from the other side and by your side. Making Pa and the rest of my family proud is a large part of what has pushed to to succeed over this last year.

With my college graduation next week and the next big step in my life just around the corner, all I have of him are my memories which will be a significant part of my future success in life. Everything I do, I will do with his stories in mind, no matter how ridiculous some of them are!

The best part about all of this is that I still have an amazing support system of friends and family that are just a call or flight of stairs away. Although it hurts knowing I don’t have Pa waiting for me at the kitchen table anymore, I know he is my guardian angel supporting me through life. That, today specifically, is the dot in my .com.


lauren allen relationships

(That one time I got to dress Miss Kentucky for a news segment about the Kentucky Derby thanks to networking and business relationships!)

I may not know anything about romantic relationships, I do think I have business relationships down pat!

Did you know that 80 percent of the jobs you will get in your life will be through networking?

Creating business relationships is one of the most important things that I do within all of the pieces of my fashion styling business.

Here are some tips for successful networking:

  1. Always look presentable, especially when going to a new place that could grow your business!                                                                                                                                                                                 For me, this is boutiques, wedding shows and fashion shows.
  2. A positive attitude and solid hand shake will get you far in life!                                                                                Whether or not you are the best in your area, the client will almost always choose the person that is more enjoyable to work with and brings a positive attitude to the job.
  3. Get out there!                                                                                                                                                                            Face recognition is a power that is not appreciated enough in the world of texts and emails. I have gotten some amazing opportunities just because Someone of importance recognized me from being around town frequently.
  4. Always be yourself!                                                                                                                                                                            People can tell when you are not being genuine, especially the more time you spend with them. If you start with being yourself, you can never go wrong!


Too Much Wasted Time!

As a student who lives off-campus and a fashion stylist who drives around town pulling clothes for photo shoots, I spend entirely way too much time in the car. That is 2-4 hours a day that I could be getting work done.

About a year ago my uncle introduced me to the world of audiobooks. This is a world that only your empty bank account can get you out of. With all of the time I spend traveling during the day, I can go through an audiobook in just a couple of days. That gets expensive at about $20 a piece!

My book preferences are fashion history, business or management. At this point I think I have read every fashion book available, so entrepreneurial book are my go-to. And yes, this does make me a nerd!

#GirlBoss is my all-time favorite audiobook because it is the perfect combination of fashion and business.

If you have a library card, I have heard a rumor that you can check out audiobooks.  I do not have a library card, so this is not something I have figured out yet.

The next best thing to a full audiobook is a podcast. This is another thing that I have yet to fully dive in to, but it is next on my list of things to do.

Most podcasts are free on iTunes. There are podcasts for anything and everything you could ever hope for. Again, I recommend using your wasted time listening to podcasts that can help improve your business. This can even include gym time! Use the podcast to stay on the treadmill for just a little while that you normally would. This absolutely worked for me, which is saying something because my cardio attention span is embarrassingly short.

Entrepreneurs like Jason Oberholtzer are an inspirations to those of us who are trying to make our way in life. Plus, he has a podcast called Let’s Get Into It that not only provides entertainment and knowledge for the people who are willing to go out and get it.

While on the road to success for your business, know that nothing will fall in your lap. Everything must be worked for because it is all who and what you know in your industry.

What are your favorite podcasts?

BuzzFeed Business

When thinking about what your business is going to be, do you imagine success only comes from publishing serious information that people need to know?

Well then you have obviously never heard of BuzzFeed!

According to the New York Times, BuzzFeed’s cat videos and food quizzes bring in 150 million monthly viewers! So, don’t think you have to spend your life writing about politics to becomes a media entrepreneur.

This success does not come cheap. The business recently recieved $50 million to expand into new areas of media like an incubator for new businesses, like in this blog post, BuzzFeed motion pictures and new technology.

Something to take away from the success of this company is to never get too comfortable where you are. That keeps you flat lined, but trying new things can allow you to sky rocket.

It is also important to think about location. BuzzFeed had a big decision to make about whether to stay in the expensive city of Manhattan, or somewhere more reasonably prices.

“Buzzfeed is headquartered in New York City— besides the fact that all of its principals and its founding investors, Lerer-Hippeau, are based here,” said

This is an important lesson in staying true to yourself, but not getting stuck in a rut.


Social Media Balancing Act


Strategically planned social media can be a business’s best friend. Advertising is crucial to the success of a business, but why start with a billboard when you can spend a few minutes a day posting to social media and connecting with your audience?

This is not something that happens over night. You have to learn what form of social media your audience uses, when they check it and what will catch their eye.

What Medium-

  • Most people have a Facebook account. Unfortunately, Facebook holds a lot of power over business pages, only showing a percent of your audience your posts.

(Did you know? Zuckerberg’s 25% stake made more money than all of Walmart last year, according to this article.)

  • Instagram is a great source if you are selling something that captures people’s attention, or have a service that photographs well.

(Did you know? Instagram reached 10,000 users only hours after going live after being purchased by Facebook for $1 billion)

  • News sources tend to go over well on Twitter if you tweet frequently to grab people as they quickly scroll.

(Did you know? The idea for Twitter came about at a playground over burritos with friends, according to this article, so don’t discount your Moe’s meals with friends!)

Time management-

No matter how convenient it is for you, if you post while none of your consumers are online, you might as well be talking to the wall. Make sure to post while your target market is browsing the web. For the general work force this is early in the morning, or the evening after work. For college students, the times vary, but think lunch, afternoon breaks and night time.

Eye catching-

Posting straight text or busy pictures is the best way to ensure that someone will scroll right past you. Make sure that everything you post is unique and colorful. This is valid for any business anywhere from a maid service to a fashion blogger.

Social media is a tricky combination of math and artistry that, if done well, can exponentially grow your success.

Awesome Inc.

awesome Inc

Watching people talk about their life passions is a passion of mine. Seeing their faces light up, and their body language come alive with excitement is usually even more intriguing than whatever they are talking about. Nick Such is an exception to this rule because Awesome Inc. is just as cool as he is.

Such is the director of Awesome Inc. U, a division of Awesome Inc. that teaches people 9 years old and up how to code software. The business opened its doors six years ago out of the Entrepreneurship club at the University of Kentucky.

Awesome Inc. is an incubator for other start-up companies that need a little bit of help before they are ready to walk on their own. They provide mentors that have the experience and connections that a new business needs to succeed.

Since childhood Such showed interest in being an entrepreneur by moving lawns and doing computer repair work. Since then he has started many businesses. Some of them blossomed, and some of them failed (as Such admitted himself).

The important thing to note is that every business that didn’t work only brought him closer to the successful business, Awesome Inc. U.

They have really defined the dot in their .com by keeping a specific business focus and not straying from that.

“I believe in being able to create the things we consume,” Such said. This is the perfect explanation as to why coding is so important.

A great way to save money when starting a business is to learn the basics of of website creation and social media.

One business I know personally that succeeded after starting in an incubator is Student Maid, a cleaning company in Gainesville, Fl. started by Kristen Hadeed (see her Ted Talk here). Hadeed has expanded the business from a small cleaning business to a motivational speaking career.

Another great success story is HERE on on the founder of Instragram and how he had the opportunity to work for Facebook before starting his own business.

Some can even become famous without even trying like Nate Silver in this article. He simple did what he does best, and guessed the election better than anyone else in the world

Some of the best businesses have started with only a simple idea and a goal in mind, even if that was not the end goal. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it, and to soar when your business is ready.

Native Advertising

lauren allen native advertising

Native advertising is a relatively new, well hidden, form of advertising. People have gotten smart to the ways of banner ads and pop-up ads, so having advertisers hidden behind the scenes gives them the advantage.

You have probably seen native advertising sneak in while scrolling through social media with a post that looks normal, but is secretly a paid advertisement.  This also includes the first few listings on the 100 billion Google searches that happen a month.

“One of the greatest areas of revenue experimentation now involves website content that is paid for by commercial advertisers,” Amy Mitchell said in her Pew Research Center article.

I personally feel like this is the best form of advertising that a blogger can take on. If done well it can make advertising entertaining and intriguing.

For fashion bloggers,  like myself, this typically involves a company sending the blogger an item to wear, and then blog about it. Doing this allows the readers to see the items being used (hopefully) in someones real life rather than just on a mannequin on a retail site.

Last year, $2.85 billion were spent on native advertising after only being popular for a year, Mitchell said.

This is something I would recommend to any blogger as a way to make an income on their website without bombarding their readers with classic advertising techniques.

One request that I do have, though, is that you only promote businesses and items that you truly believe in and use. There is enough spam and lies in our world already, please don’t add anymore. Be someone that your readers can trust!

Now, go out and turn your point into a purpose!

Finding your Niche


As many people know, newspapers are cringing at the sights of the ever-growing and powerful bloggersphere. It is becoming increasingly evident that people don’t want to be overwhelmed with news stories that they aren’t interested in. They simply want to be able to go to one site that they know will give them the information they want.

This is why I suggest that you, as a business owner, focus on finding the dot to your .com. If you have a specific niche then it will be easy to draw in the best audience and then the best advertisers.

Although making money should never be the drive behind a business, there is advertising money to be made for startups and bloggers who are able to bring steady traffic to their websites according to Mark Briggs in his book, Entrepreneurial Journalism.

Another thing that seems to be bringing bloggers to the forefront of the media race is their personable persona. “New media sees news as a conversation, not a lecture,” briggs said. People do not want to be talked to, they want to be involved in the conversation.

All of that being said, newspapers have recently seen a push of support from people with deep pockets according to this NY Times article. This could mean an upswing of newspaper popularity is on the way, or just that some people are not ready for print journalism to head towards the light quite yet.

This article from the Center For the Digital Future does point out that people are getting overwhelmed with options with the amount of options are available to them. That is why you have to work to be the best in your industry to stand out in the crowd.

Now, go out and turn your point into a purpose!

Why I am Here.


Although I am not a wealthy and successful business person yet, I am hardworking, focused and determined to succeed. That is why I am here to help all of you work towards your goals as I work towards mine.

I have had a fashion blog on for over three years now. Having that, along with a fashion stylist business, has pushed me to really start learning the art of being an entrepreneur. In my spare time I enjoy reading books about how to be successful, being an entrepreneur and specifically books about successful people in the fashion industry.

After reading these book I am always inspired to share what I have just learned, which is why I am here right now. I want to share my knowledge with anyone that will listen.

My intention for this blog is to share books, articles, and success stories from other entrepreneurs.

Mostly this will be general business, but fashion will appear periodically.

I want to help you find the dot in your .com. The exact point to your business that you will use as the rungs on your ladder to success.