Why I am Here.


Although I am not a wealthy and successful business person yet, I am hardworking, focused and determined to succeed. That is why I am here to help all of you work towards your goals as I work towards mine.

I have had a fashion blog on laurenallen.com for over three years now. Having that, along with a fashion stylist business, has pushed me to really start learning the art of being an entrepreneur. In my spare time I enjoy reading books about how to be successful, being an entrepreneur and specifically books about successful people in the fashion industry.

After reading these book I am always inspired to share what I have just learned, which is why I am here right now. I want to share my knowledge with anyone that will listen.

My intention for this blog is to share books, articles, and success stories from other entrepreneurs.

Mostly this will be general business, but fashion will appear periodically.

I want to help you find the dot in your .com. The exact point to your business that you will use as the rungs on your ladder to success.

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