BuzzFeed Business

When thinking about what your business is going to be, do you imagine success only comes from publishing serious information that people need to know?

Well then you have obviously never heard of BuzzFeed!

According to the New York Times, BuzzFeed’s cat videos and food quizzes bring in 150 million monthly viewers! So, don’t think you have to spend your life writing about politics to becomes a media entrepreneur.

This success does not come cheap. The business recently recieved $50 million to expand into new areas of media like an incubator for new businesses, like in this blog post, BuzzFeed motion pictures and new technology.

Something to take away from the success of this company is to never get too comfortable where you are. That keeps you flat lined, but trying new things can allow you to sky rocket.

It is also important to think about location. BuzzFeed had a big decision to make about whether to stay in the expensive city of Manhattan, or somewhere more reasonably prices.

“Buzzfeed is headquartered in New York City— besides the fact that all of its principals and its founding investors, Lerer-Hippeau, are based here,” said

This is an important lesson in staying true to yourself, but not getting stuck in a rut.


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