Finding your Niche


As many people know, newspapers are cringing at the sights of the ever-growing and powerful bloggersphere. It is becoming increasingly evident that people don’t want to be overwhelmed with news stories that they aren’t interested in. They simply want to be able to go to one site that they know will give them the information they want.

This is why I suggest that you, as a business owner, focus on finding the dot to your .com. If you have a specific niche then it will be easy to draw in the best audience and then the best advertisers.

Although making money should never be the drive behind a business, there is advertising money to be made for startups and bloggers who are able to bring steady traffic to their websites according to Mark Briggs in his book, Entrepreneurial Journalism.

Another thing that seems to be bringing bloggers to the forefront of the media race is their personable persona. “New media sees news as a conversation, not a lecture,” briggs said. People do not want to be talked to, they want to be involved in the conversation.

All of that being said, newspapers have recently seen a push of support from people with deep pockets according to this NY Times article. This could mean an upswing of newspaper popularity is on the way, or just that some people are not ready for print journalism to head towards the light quite yet.

This article from the Center For the Digital Future does point out that people are getting overwhelmed with options with the amount of options are available to them. That is why you have to work to be the best in your industry to stand out in the crowd.

Now, go out and turn your point into a purpose!

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