Native Advertising

lauren allen native advertising

Native advertising is a relatively new, well hidden, form of advertising. People have gotten smart to the ways of banner ads and pop-up ads, so having advertisers hidden behind the scenes gives them the advantage.

You have probably seen native advertising sneak in while scrolling through social media with a post that looks normal, but is secretly a paid advertisement.  This also includes the first few listings on the 100 billion Google searches that happen a month.

“One of the greatest areas of revenue experimentation now involves website content that is paid for by commercial advertisers,” Amy Mitchell said in her Pew Research Center article.

I personally feel like this is the best form of advertising that a blogger can take on. If done well it can make advertising entertaining and intriguing.

For fashion bloggers,  like myself, this typically involves a company sending the blogger an item to wear, and then blog about it. Doing this allows the readers to see the items being used (hopefully) in someones real life rather than just on a mannequin on a retail site.

Last year, $2.85 billion were spent on native advertising after only being popular for a year, Mitchell said.

This is something I would recommend to any blogger as a way to make an income on their website without bombarding their readers with classic advertising techniques.

One request that I do have, though, is that you only promote businesses and items that you truly believe in and use. There is enough spam and lies in our world already, please don’t add anymore. Be someone that your readers can trust!

Now, go out and turn your point into a purpose!

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