Too Much Wasted Time!

As a student who lives off-campus and a fashion stylist who drives around town pulling clothes for photo shoots, I spend entirely way too much time in the car. That is 2-4 hours a day that I could be getting work done.

About a year ago my uncle introduced me to the world of audiobooks. This is a world that only your empty bank account can get you out of. With all of the time I spend traveling during the day, I can go through an audiobook in just a couple of days. That gets expensive at about $20 a piece!

My book preferences are fashion history, business or management. At this point I think I have read every fashion book available, so entrepreneurial book are my go-to. And yes, this does make me a nerd!

#GirlBoss is my all-time favorite audiobook because it is the perfect combination of fashion and business.

If you have a library card, I have heard a rumor that you can check out audiobooks.  I do not have a library card, so this is not something I have figured out yet.

The next best thing to a full audiobook is a podcast. This is another thing that I have yet to fully dive in to, but it is next on my list of things to do.

Most podcasts are free on iTunes. There are podcasts for anything and everything you could ever hope for. Again, I recommend using your wasted time listening to podcasts that can help improve your business. This can even include gym time! Use the podcast to stay on the treadmill for just a little while that you normally would. This absolutely worked for me, which is saying something because my cardio attention span is embarrassingly short.

Entrepreneurs like Jason Oberholtzer are an inspirations to those of us who are trying to make our way in life. Plus, he has a podcast called Let’s Get Into It that not only provides entertainment and knowledge for the people who are willing to go out and get it.

While on the road to success for your business, know that nothing will fall in your lap. Everything must be worked for because it is all who and what you know in your industry.

What are your favorite podcasts?

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